Wild Times (Split w/ Benbo Benskie)

by Inspector 34

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My half of a split album with Benbo Benskie! Check out benbobenskie.bandcamp.com/album/wild-times-split-w-inspector-34 for his half!


released August 5, 2012

Jim Warren played all the instruments and sang. Craig Wayrynen did backup vocals on #4 "Accomplishments" and #13 "Brokerage." #6 was titled by Brian Donovan.
Thanks to Greg Ragnio for letting me use parts of his drum kit, Nick Egersheim for his cymbal, Mike Lefman for the use of his bass, Craig Wayrynen for his amp, Dan Savoie for his effects pedal, Andrue Coombes for his violin, Noah Warren for his music boxes, harmonicas and classical guitar, and Billy Mack for his toy piano, xylophone, trumpet, tambourine, sleigh bells, and banjo.
Thanks also to the Dirty Douglas.
Recorded at Billy Mack's House (PA), Club Sammich (SC), Noah's Place (NY), The Koffee Kat (NY), I-95 North Carolina Welcome Center (NC), The Dirty Douglas (MA), WUML 91.5 Studio (MA), and in my bedroom in Lowell (MA), between August 17, 2011 and July 15, 2012 by me myself.



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Inspector 34 Lowell, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Indian Head
Indian Head
The noble savage is dead
Indian Head
You're now a part of something
Bigger than even your profit sheets read
Soon we will all have joined you and be one
Choice will have gone away no distractions from
Keeping alive the beast we have become
Sell all your shares and make us one
Track Name: Accomplishments
I know that it's easy to forget how easy you have it being here instead of living somewhere else where the standard of living isn't quite what we're used to living here in these United States, we're all pretty spoiled living here in these United States. We've got first world problems living here in these United States
First world problems
Third world accomplishments
school sucks
job sucks
there's too much food
there's too many rules
Third world problems?
We don't have them here
But what about the poor
seems like everyone's rich
third world accomplishment
the president's a socialist
who wants to help the poor
we don't have them here
Oh yeah, I forgot
Track Name: Stockpile
I'm dying thirsty and
you're buying water and
my water's poison and
you're buying more and more
You're ruining the world
you see the crisis coming
Not going to stop it but
you see the crisis coming
You know the consequences your greed will cause
But you just hire more guns to keep our hands off
When shit finally hits the fan but you still own 40 lakes
while we're all drying up so a drink we'll try to take
We won't have money cause you won't employ us
But you'll still try to charge us for something that we all need
so of that necessity, leading to desperations
We'll take what belongs to us along with all creation.
Stop buying water
Stockpiling water.
Track Name: Get Back Home
Stranded a long way from home. How you gonna get back home where you belong boy?
Track Name: Bliss
Sweet ignorance. I'd rather bury my head in the sand. I'm not ashamed, it makes me a real man.
Track Name: The Great Mushroom War
All the children of the town go out to hear bells ringing
People walking through the streets are heartened to hear them singing
Then the dark cloud comes along
They welcome it with open arms
They're blown away without a trace
But in the darkness they're still singing.
Track Name: Lies, Lies, from Tiny Eyes
I can see the look you're shooting 'round the room
using your eyes
Think you're so clever and you got us fooled but
You're betraying with your eyes
What you're hiding, your disguise
can't cover your eyes
You can try to cover your eyes
But eventually someone will notice your eyes
When that happens they will jump back in surprise
Then they will tell everyone of all your lies
Your lies betrayed by your eyes.
Track Name: Brokerage
Got to pay the bills now
No money coming in
No source of income
All the money's in investments
Own shares of the produce
of people who actually produce
Don't provide any service
Can't provide for my own self
So what's there to do now?
(Sell! Sell! Sell!)
How do I get some money now?
But I don't really own anything
But I can't really make anything
But I can't really do anything
But I feel like a parasite, my conscience is telling me to stop being a dead weight on our species.
Track Name: Big City Livin'
The city is no place for me
Or for quiet, for comfort or for decency
But by all means try it
A lot of people swear by it
Trash piled high in heaps, the stench drawing rats
feasting on the scraps of several million souls being slowly drained away to keep this monstrous machine running
How many more will it take before they realize
No one is made to live this way crammed in to this filthy place wherein
There's so much anger
So much garbage
So much sadness
Such sad people
There's too many people in here
I see what they all see but I can't feel any appeal
Maybe I'm just missing the point
Come see for yourself, it's just not for me
Sad and dying people paying far too much just to live this way among filth and rats and don't forget the cockroaches
Go check it out, if you're into that.
Track Name: Withdrawal
I'm sitting again
Can't hardly move an inch
And I know I'm not sick
Just fighting with myself again
The things I desire most
The ones I can't have
Mutually Exclusive
By my own hand
Now I just want to get up
and live my life
But I sit here immobile
Letting Images and noises
Massage the will to think from my mind
And I just relax
The things that I desire most though I can't have them
Flash before my eyes and in my mind's I'm doing each of them a thousand times and becoming a monster
But out here I'm still sitting and staring and drooling a little cause I just don't care anymore
If I can't have what I want so bad I'll pretend
And if I'll just fuck everything all up anyways
Then it's no loss at all and in fact everyone's winning if I just sit here staring
and wasting the things that I have but don't actively want because I already have them
It's so hard to see from in here.
It's not so bad
You should cheer up
Your life's pretty nice
It's not so bad
Real life's pretty nice
and you live here, so get the fuck up.
Track Name: Fin (Lawson)
Inspector 34